Family office staff and our high-net-worth clients have complex human capital management needs that often fall outside their sphere of expertise.

Our team of trusted experts provides complete solutions tailored to fit your personnel needs, freeing you to focus on what matters most to you.

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Our team has grown and developed organically alongside the clients we serve. This evolution has given us keen insight into our clients' needs and has allowed us to develop a range of services that provide precise and effective support.

"When we form a partnership with you, we provide services that are reliable, client-specific, and always maintain the highest degree of confidentiality."

Julia Irwin Director, People Solutions

Our Team

Julia Irwin

Julia Irwin CPHR, MHRM

Director, People Solutions

Julia Irwin is responsible for all things people and culture at Viridian. She has over 10 years of diverse Human Resources and leadership experience and holds a Master's in Human...

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Melissa Bandura

Melissa Bandura CPHR, RPR

Senior Advisor, People Solutions

Melissa Bandura is an experienced Human Resources professional with over ten years of experience and has been passionate about supporting family clients with Viridian for the...

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Amita Minhas

Amita Minhas PCP

Payroll Specialist, People Solutions

Amita Minhas is an experienced payroll specialist who has been working in the field for over 10 years and has been supporting family clients with Viridian Family Office...

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Our Solutions

Assessments & Coaching

We facilitate thorough assessments and reviews that help employees better understand their performance and their relationship with their peers. By providing this knowledge and guidance, we help your team perform at its highest level.

  • Assessments - We are a certified DiSC partner which allows us to administer 6 different DiSC assessments. These are detailed reports that help employees and leaders learn about areas they can improve upon and how to better work within a team (Everything DiSC - Solutions).
  • Reviews - We can create and administer 360-degree reviews for any level of employee. These allow the employer and employee to gain valuable insights from the employee's peers, direct reports and/or manager.
  • Guidance & Coaching - We provide guidance and coaching on how best to utilize the results of these programs to improve employee and team performance.
Benefit & Retirement Plan Administration

We act as a liaison between your organization and various benefit providers. This ensures a streamlined approach to obtain and maintain comprehensive benefit and retirement plans that fit your unique requirements.

  • Plan Administration - We administer and govern defined contribution pension and RSP plans.
  • Customization - We provide options tailored to your specific industry and run through your payroll for optimal efficiency.
  • Renewal Rate Management - We advocate on your behalf for reasonable plan renewal rates on an annual basis.
  • Onboarding - We provide orientation for new hires, assisting them in the set up of their respective benefit plan.
Compensation & Total Rewards

We complete and provide your team with relevant and detailed research to base your compensation decisions on. This removes uncertainty and allows you to move forward confidently with compensation discussions and negotiations.

  • Benchmarking, Research & Analysis - We utilize results from several benchmarking surveys to provide comprehensive salary, benefit, retirement and HR information that is specific to your industry.
  • Recommendations - We leverage the information gathered to make recommendations to senior leaders regarding total compensation.

Our team works with you to create and sustain a committed and connected employee experience. Our goal is to help you improve team effectiveness through increased job satisfaction.

  • Surveys - We create, administer, and analyze employee engagement surveys. Information obtained from these surveys is provided to senior leadership with recommendations for action items dependent on the feedback.
  • Coordination - We liaise between your social committee and senior leaders to facilitate team building exercises and make strategic recommendations as necessary.
  • Recognition - We manage the long service award platform to recognize individuals within your organization who reach milestone service years.
Employee Relations, Performance Management & Compliance

Navigating the employment relationship is a challenge. Our team of experts is well versed in employment standards and works closely with managers and employees to discuss and resolve employee relations issues. We also create a clear performance management system that provides consistency, improves talent retention, and instills motivation—resulting in a high performing in-house team.

  • Complaint Resolution - We are experienced in investigating and solving a wide array of complaints or workplace issues in a professional and personalized manner.
  • Employment Standards - We are knowledgeable in provincial and federal employment standards legislation and can advise how to navigate complex employment scenarios.
  • Policies - We create employee manuals and policies to meet legal requirements and fit our clients' unique environments.
  • Reviews - We assist with the delivery of probation reviews, semi-annual or annual performance reviews and performance improvement plans (PIP).
Health & Wellness

When your worksites are safe and ergonomically productive, your employees can perform at their best.

  • Awareness & Access - We ensure employees are aware and have access to the health and wellness benefits they are entitled to.
  • Coordination - We liaise with the appropriate workers compensation authorities in the provinces and states in which we operate on your behalf to complete annual renewals and process any employee injury claims. In addition, we facilitate and assist with a safe and effective return to work following a leave.
Immigration Services

You can rely on our highly experienced team to provide the necessary knowledge and administration for all personnel immigration processes as well as ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience for yourself and personnel.

  • Coordination - We take care of logistics and liaise with external contacts should you need to travel with your staff outside your country of residence.
  • Employment and Immigration - We will help navigate the complexities of the visa application process should you choose to hire an employee from overseas.
Payroll Services

We provide services that ensure your payroll is processed in a timely, accurate and compliant manner. Our goal is to simplify your payroll process and ensure it is hassle free.

  • Processing - We provide bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll processing services that meet legislative requirements.
  • Remittance - We issue timely, accurate and government compliant remittances.
  • Tax Documents - We produce year end tax documents for clients in all jurisdictions.
  • Audit Coordination - We liaise with financial auditors regarding payroll.
Recruitment & Selection

We provide comprehensive, full-cycle recruitment services according to your individual needs and requests. You can rely on our dedicated team to find the right staff that understands your vision and purpose.

  • Preparation - We prepare comprehensive job descriptions and salary recommendations.
  • Interviewing - We source and interview qualified candidates in any location.
  • Background Checks - We conduct thorough pre-employment checks to provide our clients peace of mind.
Training, Development & Succession Planning

We work alongside your management team to ensure your employees are receiving the most effective training and development, which promotes a high level of engagement and strengthens your in-house team. Our guidance also helps protect you from unexpected personnel changes in business-critical roles.

  • Development & Delivery - We provide training that is appropriate to your industry or that is legislatively required. We help identify and execute training and/or development plans that help to sustain a high level of employee engagement and to continuously develop your team.
  • Identification - We work with managers to identify potential future needs and risks associated with your business-critical positions, helping to identify high-potential candidates who could, in time, fulfill those roles.


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